Murata Electronics North America expanded what it asserts is the world’s thinnest waterproof piezoelectric speaker product line. The new VSLBG2216E1100-T0 build’s on the company’s earlier waterproof model with enhanced sound quality through a slightly wider package (22 mm x 16.5 mm). Measuring only 0.9 mm in thickness, the speaker retains its ultra low profile proportions and unique watertight abilities while increasing performance. These characteristics make the speaker suited for mobile electronics, particularly thin ones that may be exposed to wet environments or possible short-term submersion. The high torque piezoelectric motor allows the thin speaker to effectively work with very small back cavity volumes (i.e. 20 cc) that prove to be very challenging for conventional speakers. In addition to eliminating the costs of the waterproof sheet and its installation, the VSLBG2216E series offers higher quality music playback because the sound output hole is no longer blocked. Piezo thin speakers do not use a magnet, so designers do not need to worry about iron sand absorption or electromagnetic noise. Further, the new speaker uses a lower primary resonant frequency than the previously introduced VSLBG1914E1400-T0, enhancing lower frequency response.

Murata Electronics North America