serial device server w PoERoalan Ltd announced Serial Device Servers, powered over the Ethernet connection. The NetCom 111 PoE, 113 PoE and 211 PoE are upgraded variants of the well known Serial Device Servers NetCom 111, NetCom 113 and NetCom 211. They provide the exact same functions and handling as the long existing products. But they add the feature of getting powered over the Ethernet connection. If this option is used the need for an extra DC power adapter is removed. In such an installation an Ethernet switching Hub with PoE option inserts the supply currents onto the network cable, the NetCom Servers use this to operate. If the external power adapter is installed in parallel, this operates as an auxiliary power supply. The source of electric power is completely transparent to any software, application or configuration tool. The new models may be used as drop-in replacements of existing devices in already running installations. Using a supply via the LAN cable eliminates the need to create an extra AC or DC power line to the location of the device.

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