RL2Made with RoHS-compliant material, the RL2-series rocker switch from Phaseda has a UL rating of 16A @ 125VAC and 8A @ 250VAC, with a VDE rating of 16(4)A @ 250VAC T125, with an electrical life over 10,000 cycles.

This switch can be used on many products, like medical equipment, office and security product, portable power tool and lighting, telecom and appliances, etc. It snaps into panel cut-out 0.866” x 1.181” (22.0 x 30.0mm). The functions include On/Off, On/On, On/Off/On and momentary. An external PVC cap provides protection against dust & water.

The switch is made of PA66 nylon, silver alloy contacts and terminal options for ¼” quick connect, solder lug or screw type. Illumination is available in red, green, clear, blue for AC for DC loading. Standard marking and custom color is available as well.

For more information and spec sheets, visit the company’s website http://www.phaseda.com. Phone 503-564 4647