GOEPEL electronic introduced PXI 1149/DAK, a mass interconnect interface within the frame of the technologically leading JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform SCANFLEX. The new option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx controller are compatible with SCOUT, the mass interconnect system from MAC Panel. Using this option, the customer can now easily combine JTAG/Boundary Scan with the PXI connectivity solution from MAC Panel.

“Simple wiring and excellent signal integrity are two of the most important task for test system builders”, says Alexander Beck, GOEPEL electronic’s integration expert. “Both challenges can be handled by the combination of the MAC Panel SCOUT system and the new hardware solution from GOEPEL electronic. At the same time, we extend the leading position of our unique hardware platform SCANFLEX.”

The new module is available in two versions. As option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx-FXT and SFX/PXIe1149/Cx-FXT controller the PXI 1149/DAK2 has a differential test bus with 200 pin receiver and single-ended PIP resources. By contrast the PXI 1149/DAK1 has a single-ended test bus with 96 pin receiver as well as single-ended PIP resources and is an option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx and SFX/PXIe1149/Cx controller. Both mass interconnect interfaces are also available as a variant supporting Direct Access Kit-Extended version, PXI 1149/DAK-E1 and PXI 1149/DAK-E2.

The new PXI 1149/DAK is fully supported by the industrially leading JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON. SYSTEM CASCON is GOEPEL electronic’s professional JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment providing currently 45 completely integrated ISP, test, and debug tools.

Further information about the GOEPEL and its products and services can be found on the internet at www.goepel.com.