The newest addition to Gefen’s growing family of Auto Volume Stabilizers boasts a high quality digital audio decoder, offering a new way to process audio and output rich sound. The GefenTV HD Auto Volume Stabilizer w/Digital Audio Decoder delivers a consistent volume level at all times, eliminating any rises or drops in volume levels. The built-in volume modeler enhances the listening experience by maintaining full spectral balance and dynamically adjusting the low and high frequencies at all volume levels.

The small enclosure is equipped with one HDMI input and one HDMI output that supports 1080p full HD and all Dolby Digital formats as well as two-channel LPCM audio. The advanced Dolby Digital Decoder will mix down multi-channel digital audio to two channels if desired. The HD Auto Volume Stabilizer w/Digital Audio Decoder uses Dolby Volume technology, and features three reference level presets for optimizing performance. On-board EDID management provides rapid integration of sources and displays.

With support for 1080p Full HD and 3DTV pass-through, the GefenTV HD Auto Volume Stabilizer w/ Digital Audio Decoder is an integral part of any home theater system.This device will automatically move into standby mode if a source is undetected. The IR remote controls all features from a distance.

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