compact storage chokesTDK-EPC has extended the range of its standard ERU Series of power inductors with the EPCOS ERU 20 Series. These new components are characterized by a particularly high current capability. At inductance values of between 1.0 µH and 35.0 µH, the chokes possess a current capability of between 9.3 A and 50.0 A. Their DC resistance values range between 0.62 m? and 7.0 m?. These ERU inductors are particularly suitable for use in high-current low-voltage DC-DC converters, point-of-load converters (POL) and multiphase modules. Their design is based on optimized ferrite cores and flat-wire winding technology. Their low core losses and self-supporting winding permit an excellent energy storage density as well as very compact dimensions. Thus, the ERU20 inductors have a footprint of 21 mm x 21.5 mm2 and an insertion height of between 9.8 mm and 14.2 mm, depending on the type. The components are RoHS-compatible and can also be manufactured in customer-specific versions. Possible applications are the power supplies of telecommunications and IT systems as well as inverters for photovoltaic systems.