Atom AMPD LLC, Volo, has formed a strategic partnership with ThreatSTOP in which ThreatSTOP’s Botnet Defense Cloud is integrated into Atom AMPD Kwick Key as a value-added service.

“As a single-source network and communications software vendor that provides superior IT security, we needed a capability that addresses the most serious security threats everyone faces today: advanced malware and botnets,” said Tom Bergmann, Executive Vice President of Atom AMPD. “ThreatSTOP is the ideal solution for our customers in terms of its ease of deployment, the immediate protection it provides, and the lowest cost of ownership. Its value proposition fits Atom AMPD’s market position perfectly.”

The ThreatSTOP Botnet Defense Cloud is a cloud service based on IP Reputation that delivers a blocklist to firewalls to block botnets and advanced malware traffic to and from networks. It prevents data theft, increases network “goodput,” reduces network load, support calls and reportable events. It also reduces capital expenditures by delaying need to upgrade hardware. A web-based report included in the service is a very useful tool to discover, analyze, monitor and remediate botnet and malware infestations. Updated in real-time and automatically distributed via DNS to firewalls, the ThreatSTOP Botnet Defense Cloud can be activated within an hour without the expense, complexity and delay of hardware upgrades, network reconfigurations, retraining or manual updates.

“AtomAMPD and ThreatSTOP represent the future of networking, communications and security—software and cloud services, as opposed to “yet another box,” thus our market approach and value proposition for customers are very synergistic,” said Ken Liu, Vice President of Business Development of ThreatSTOP. “We look forward to partnering with Atom AMPD to deliver our integrated solution to wide-ranging segments of the market globally.”