Called CapCad, the software tool is easy and fast to use, and provides circuit designers with a readily accessible capacitor comparison facility. CapCad includes SPICE models with various parameter values that reflect typical performance at the chosen frequencies. Importantly, engineers can select the temperature range relevant to the application, and adjust it as necessary, to note how it may affect the expected performance of the design.

In operation, the user has the ability to plot 2-port Scattering Parameters, Impedance, Q Factor or Equivalent Capacitance over any frequency span from 1MHz to 40GHz. CapCad also includes a Smith Chart utility, plus the S-Parameter data can be copied and converted in Touchstone format (s2p).

CapCad screen grab

The modelling software supports Syfer's High Q range of multilayer capacitor devices. It can be used to compare several devices at one time, and allows designers to model the cumulative effect of multiple devices in one design.

Although the data presented by CapCad cannot be construed as a specification or guarantee of actual performance, it is based on calculated models to represent typical performance. Device modelling is regarded by engineers as a useful application development tool, particularly for high frequency products being designed into complex applications. CapCad is an important element in Syfer's customer design and development support programme.

The software tool is available free of charge, downloadable from the company website at