Brockton, Massachusetts - The Krohn-Hite Model 7000 Differential Preamplifier provides a low noise high gain amplification to 1MHz with an AC output derived from a ver y low noise FET instrumentation amplifier and an optional DC (RMS-to-DC converted) output. The Model 7000 has fixed gain settings of x1 (0dB), x10 (20dB), x100 (40dB) and x1000 (60dB) over a selectable bandwidths of 100Hz, 1kHz (HP), 3kHz, 30kHz, 100kHz and 1MHz (LP Off). Noise referred to input is 9nVHz and common mode rejection is >100dB at 1kHz.

KH Model 7000 Preamp

The Model 7000 also provides momentary pushbutton switches that control coupling, bandwidth, gain and channel on/off selections. BNC connectors are provided for single-ended and differential input, ac output, and dc output (optional) connections. The Model 7000 is very useful for troubleshooting sources of noise, amplifiers, power supplies and various other electronic circuits. The Model 7000 is an excellent tool as a preamp for amplifying low level input signals to oscilloscopes or other devices.

Price for the Model 7000 is $995.00 and delivery is 2-4 weeks aro.