CSP socketAries Electronics offers CSP sockets that accept any area-array device for high-temperature testing up to +200°C. The new AR4HT Series sockets incorporate a low-profile 0.45-mm contact structure (compressed) that is shorter than other low-profile contacts and provides desirable compliance for reliable ATE testing and burn-in. The sockets are successfully employed in military, aerospace and geophysical environments as well as in research and development. The AR4HT sockets accommodate a variety of area-array devices including BGA, LGA, QFN, DFN, CSP, MLCC and POP as well as bumped die with full and partial arrays. Full socket operating temperature is -55°C to +200°C with a life expectancy of more than 10,000 actuations. The socket can accommodate IC devices with a pitch of 0.4 mm or greater as well as mixed pitch environments. The interposer set is comprised of silver particles within a silicon elastomer with a patented polyimide core. Initial contact force is 20 g to 30 g per lead.

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