planetary gear motorsNidec Copal has expanded its 0.630” (16 mm) OD brush and brushless DC gear motor product lines with the next generation MG16B (brush) and LB16MG (brushless) metal planetary gear motor series. The new metal planetary gear train allows for higher torque providing greater durability and reliability with improved protection against shock and vibration loads. With eight gear ratios available (16:1 to 643:1), the brush DC MG16B gear motor series develops a range of rated torques from 1.42 oz-in at 800 rpm to 42.5 oz-in at 17 rpm. Using the same gearboxes, the brushless DC LB16MG gear motor series (with integrated driver) generates 1.42 oz-in at 710 rpm to 42.5 oz-in at 18 rpm. Available input voltages for the MG16B include 6 V, 12 V and 24 V DC and 6 and 12 vDC for the brushless LB16MG version. Nidec Copal also provides a lower cost HG16 series of 16 mm gear motors using resin planetary gears.

Nidec Copal