sample and hold amplifierDATEL announced the availability of the SHM-14 14-bit ultra high speed linear sample-and-hold amplifier designed for extremely fast data acquisition applications. With a 70 MHz full power bandwidth, and a 250 MHz small signal bandwidth the amp achieves 12- and 14-bit acquisitions within 25 ns (+/- 0.012 percent) and 35 ns (+/- 0.003 percent) respectively. This highly accurate low power device has an aperture jitter within 1 ps and a very low output noise of 65 uV rms. Output linearity is within +/- 0.0012 percent. Digital sample/hold inputs are differential and compatible with all logic families including TTL, CMOS and ECL. Constructed in a hermetically sealed 16-pin ceramic LCC package measuring 10.67 mm x 10.67 mm x 1.65 mm, the SHM-14 is guaranteed to operate across the military temperature range of - 55 to + 125 degrees C. The amplifieris powered from +/- 5 VDC and consumes 275 mW.