MediSpec Molded Interconnect Device (MID)Molex Incorporated introduced the MediSpec Molded Interconnect Device (MID) family with Laser Directed Structuring (LDS) for high-density medical applications.  This innovative technology delivers packaged interconnect solutions that meet or exceed stringent medical device guidelines while providing multiple benefits including reduced components and materials usage, fewer development and production processes, lower prototyping costs and faster time-to-market.  The combined MID/LDS capabilities help medical device designers integrate complex electrical and mechanical features into highly compact applications, which existing flat 2D technologies cannot accomplish.  Molex will display the new technology at MD&M Minneapolis, MN, November 2 – 3, booth 445.  

“Miniaturization and portability trends are driving medical device developers to create more robust, reliable and affordable electronic devices for the diagnosis and treatment of millions of patients worldwide,” said Anthony Kalaijakis, strategic medical market manager, Molex.  “By combining the versatility of the two-shot molding process for MID with the speed and precision of LDS capabilities, we have created a technology solution that directly addresses current needs in the medical device industry.”

The MID 3D capability integrates both the electrical and mechanical design into a single molded device, which is ideal for miniaturization and is scalable from small to large volume production quantities.  It enables numerous design configuration and material combination options, allowing medical device designers the flexibility to select plating and materials especially for the small form factor applications often found in medical devices.  The LDS technology is also suitable for miniaturization strategies, featuring circuitry that can be imaged with a 3-axis laser on a variety of RoHS-compliant plastics with pattern modification.  Additionally, because developers can create prototypes -- LDS technology allows them to experiment with the placement of traces and shielding by making changes to the laser position without having to invest in expensive tooling changes – they realize a greater cost savings. 

The MediSpec MID/LDS technology has multiple applications in the medical industry including blood glucose meters, drug delivery systems, home healthcare telemetry, remote patient monitoring systems, disposable catheter interfaces, neurostimulation controllers, pulse oximeter sensors, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices and Integrated Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions.

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