Southco Membrane Keypad Access ControllerThe new Southco Membrane Keypad Access Controller enhances usability by providing keypad access for enclosures with up to 120 user codes. It eliminates the need for mechanical keys and delivers enhanced security, customization and styling.

The keypad easily adheres to any door or frame and the remote controller can be mounted anywhere on or inside a cabinet. The keypad color, shape and size are fully customizable to accommodate any specifications.

The Membrane Keypad requires simple installation and programming. The keypad integrates directly with electronic locks, and offers programmable output timing. Dual outputs can also be independently controlled for applications requiring separate access privileges for multiple compartments.

“The Membrane Keypad Access Controller is ideal for the specific needs of industrial equipment, such as medical enclosures and server racks,” said Project Engineer Cindy Bart. “It can be seamlessly integrated into any electronic access solution.”

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