DC-stable high-voltage linear amplifierTREK introduced a new DC-stable high-voltage linear amplifier – Trek Model 50/12 – which is the first in the industry to deliver ±50kV performance (100kV peak-to-peak).

Trek’s Model 50/12 high-voltage bipolar amplifier reaches voltage levels previously considered impossible. Recent advancements in high-voltage technology and design at Trek enabled the development of this groundbreaking amplifier.

This new HV amplifier responds to the market need to attain higher voltage levels in keeping with advancements in high-voltage applications within industrial and research organizations. Applications for Trek Model 50/12 include dielectric studies, electron beam ion traps & ion sources, electrospinning (nanofibers), electrostatic deflection (including ion beam steering), electrostatic flame control, electrostatic levitation, electrostatic precipitation, high-voltage cable testing, high-voltage component testing and plasma studies (including dielectric barrier discharge).

Industries that could be impacted by developments in these applications include aerospace/aviation, automotive, biotech/medical, defense/military, energy/power generation, environmental, nanotechnology, process industries and semiconductor manufacturing.

Model 50/12 features an all solid state design for high slew rate, wide bandwidth and low noise operation. It provides precise control of output voltages in the range of 0 to ±50kV DC or peak AC (up to 100kV peak-to-peak) with an output current range of 0 to ±12mA DC or peak AC. Slew rate is greater than 350V/µs. Small signal bandwidth (-3dB) is DC to greater than 20kHz. Noise is less than 10V rms.

Additional product information is provided at http://www.trekinc.com/products/50-12.asp