film capacitorsMPP Series film capacitors from Illinois Capacitor are available in a range of capacitance values from 4.7 mF to 35mF with voltage ratings of 500 to 1,500 WVDC. Packaged in a robust, flame-retardant hard-plastic case, each is suited for high-reliability power conversion and control applications. Tab-style terminals are tinned copper with positioning points for superior on-board stability and performance. MPP capacitors are appropriate for switching power supplies and DC Link applications in products such as power inverters, UPS systems, solar heaters, induction heaters, motor controllers and other demanding applications. High ripple current and low self-inductance (35 nH max) help to simplify sensitive circuitry design. These metalized polypropylene capacitors have desirable ESR characteristics, varying from 6 mW to 15 mW, depending on values. Operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +105°C, providing life expectancy of greater than 1,000 hours. Compact tubular design minimizes board space requirements. Standard capacitance tolerance is +10 percent at 1 kHz, 20°C.

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