Standex Electronics introduces the smallest magnetic reed switch in the world – measuring just 3.7 mm in length. In addition to being able to fit in very small spaces, the GR150 also maintains a very narrow sensitivity range. With a magnetic sensitivity of 2-4 Ampere Turns (AT), typical operating time of 0.2 milliseconds (typical) and a release time of 0.1 milliseconds (typical) this professional grade ultra miniature reed switch is ideal for very demanding medical applications such as within hearing aids, or in pill cams.

Designed for applications where the available magnetic field is extremely low and/or the space limitations are a major design factor, the GR150 functions as a non-contact position sensor. It features PGM alloy contacts and has a power rating of 1 VA maximum. A switching current (Max) of 0.05 Amp, DC is standard, as is a carry current rating (max) of 0.5 Amp, DC. Boasting an operating range of -40°C to +125°C, the GR150 is well suited for use wherever small size and sensitivity are required for non-contact position sensing applications.

“With its ultra-miniature size and extreme sensitivity, the GR150 addresses the needs of design engineers in many industries” said Standex VP Tom Gould. “In addition to proving a non-contact position sensor in a very small space, the GR150 also offers performance – with a range of 2 –to- 4 Ampere Turns available.”

Designed primarily to address the needs of medical device manufacturers for use within hearing aids, pill cams and other surgical and medical devices, the GR150 is also applicable for other markets such as consumer electronics, industrial applications, military and aerospace, and more. Full technical specifications are available online at

Standex Electronics is a subsidiary of Standex International Corporation, a publicly traded diversified manufacturer of many products. (NYSE-SXI). Standex Electronics is a global manufacturer of custom electro-mechanical devices such as reed switches, sensors, coils, transformers, chokes, antenna coils, and other components. Their in-house capabilities include the ability to add value-added components and services including connectors, over-molding, potting, mounting brackets, and more. Standex Electronics has factories in the United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Canada, and China. All facilities are ISO 9001 registered for quality assurance. For more information contact Standex Electronics, Inc., 4538 Camberwell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209, USA, or visit, e-mail to or call (513) 871-3777.