(UPM RFID, Tampere, 26 October 2011) UPM RFID and Finnish-based printing house Hansaprint are introducing a revolutionary NFC mobile application called TagAge Mobile today at Nokia World 2011, London. The TagAge Mobile tag creator is the first of its kind in the world, allowing users to create NFC tag content and graphics using their own photos stored on smartphone.

TagAge Mobile has creator functionality for NFC smart stickers and business cards. It also includes easy access for sourcing blank tags in low volumes. Users don’t need to have NFC phones for tag encoding; they can simply create the content in the app and order printed and encoded tags for delivery to the desired address. Content creation supports all NFC NDEF formats. The graphical user interface provides ease-of-use as well as a sticker sample library with ready-made designs. A wide variety of stickers can be created using TagAge Mobile, covering social media promotion stickers and direct call tags as well as stickers for posters and postcards.

In addition to consumers, TagAge Mobile targets application developers looking for small volumes of custom-printed and encoded tags, and customers innovating new NFC applications for home and office end-uses. TagAge Mobile for Nokia Symbian smartphones will be available to the public free of charge via Nokia Store during November 2011.

Hansaprint has designed the concept of TagAge Mobile together with UPM RFID. The software is designed and developed by Tieto. UPM RFID is the exclusive provider of NFC tags for both the TagAge.net web shop and TagAge Mobile. Via TagAge Mobile, users will be able to purchase Starter Kits including blank UPM BullsEye, UPM Circus and UPM MiniTrack NFC inlays. Credit card payments will be accepted when ordering NFC tags via the app, and the tags can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

“With TagAge Mobile we are removing the last barrier to making NFC tags easily available to consumers. We expect that great, undiscovered ideas and concepts will start to flow rapidly now that consumers have all the required tools, NFC tags and smartphones available,” says Mikko Nikkanen, Business Development Director, UPM RFID.