uniform epoxy preformsMulti-Seals Inc. introduced a line of Uni-form epoxy preforms with low outgassing properties. These cross-linked pre-shaped thermoplastics release minimal amounts of trapped gasses or condensable material under vacuum conditions and elevated heat. Low outgassing properties are essential for aerospace applications, particularly in vacuum environments where volatiles from other adhesives often condense on optics and electronics, adversely affecting their function. With a typical total mass loss of 0.35 percent and typical collected volatile condensable materials of 0.03 percent (tested per ASTM-E-595-93), these low-outgassing epoxies meet NASA requirements for most spacecraft materials. These pre-shaped, one-part resins are solid at room temperature. When heated, Uni-forms melt and cure, forming a consistent seal that protects components from dust, moisture, oil, flux, solvents, conformal coatings, and other contaminants. They can be dispensed as rapidly as 200 to 600 parts per minute with little or no operator training, and extensive operator experience is not required to produce uniform results.

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