automotive varistorAVX Corporation has developed an advanced varistor designed for general ESD protection use in automotive circuits, including CMOS, bi-polar, and SiGe based systems. The AEC Q200-qualified Automotive StaticGuard Series varistor delivers low capacitance and the lowest specified leakage current available in the industry, according to the company, desirable for high-speed signal lines. The varistor series provides bi-directional transient voltage protection in the on-state and exceptional EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state, while offering an ESD rating up to 15 kV. Available in miniature 0402, 0603 and 0805 case sizes, the RoHS-compliant Automotive StaticGuard Series devices are appropriate for general-purpose drives, general-purpose logic, transceiver chips and sensor applications.

AVX Corporation