SMT-0540-T-7-R-webIn today’s world, small hand-held devices are becoming a way of life. As these devices continue to get smaller, the need of a small audio device is apparent.

Although the parts may be small, they offer a typical sound output of
80dBA @ 10cm, which is comparable to parts three times the size. With three different configurations available, these parts make a great choice for small hand-held devices.

The SMT 0540 series Transducers are electro-mechanical devices that are constructed using a permanent magnet surrounding an electro-magnetic coil with a very thin metal diaphragm resting on top.

When power (0-p signal) is applied, the electro-magnetic coil will pulse moving the diaphragm up and down very fast. Varying the input signal voltage and/or frequency will change the sound output. The device will have the loudest sound output with an input signal set to the resonant frequency at the maximum rated voltage. The parts can be manufactured with different resonant frequencies by changing the coil and/or modifying the sound chamber.

PUI offers three different versions to choose from.