600 V rectifiersVishay Intertechnology launched 18 new 200-V and 600-V FRED Pt Hyperfast and Ultrafast rectifiers in the TO-252AA (D-PAK) power plastic SMD package with forward currents from 4 A to 15 A. The devices combine fast recovery times with low forward voltage drops and reverse charges, and include what are said to be the industry's first 600 V rectifiers in this package with forward currents greater than 10 A. The 200 V rectifiers are offered with 4 A, 8 A, and 10 A forward currents, while the 600 V devices provide 5 A, 6 A, 8 A, 12 A, and 15 A forward currents. The 12 A VS-12EWH06FNx-M3 and 15 A VS-15AWL06FNx-M3, VS-15EWL06FNx-M3, VS-15EWH06FNx-M3, and VS-15EWX06FNx-M3 offer the industry's highest forward currents for this device type in the TO-252AA package, according to the company. The 4 A to 6 A devices are optimized for use as snubber diodes in lighting applications (either ballast or HID), while the 8 A to 15 A devices are suitable for PFC boost and output diodes in telecom and desktop power supplies.

Part of Vishay's hyperfast "H" and "X" series and ultrafast "L" series, the rectifiers offer designers a choice in speed and forward voltage performance to meet the needs of their application. The devices feature an improved chip design for increased reliability exceeding standard requirements for resistance to moisture and IR stability over time.

The rectifiers feature low forward voltage drops from 0.95 V at 4 A for "L" series devices. Reverse recovery times start at 17 ns (at IF = 8 A, di/dt = 200 A/µs, VR = 390 V) for the "X" series, while reverse recovery charges start at 20 nC (at IF = 4/5 A, di/dt = 200 A/µs, VR = 160 V) for the "H" series.

The rectifiers offer a max. operating junction temperature of + 175 °C for a more robust and cost-effective design, and extremely low leakage current.

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