power line soft modemMicrochip Technology Inc. announced a Power-Line Modem (PLM) PICtail Plus Daughter Board Development Kit (part # AC164145) that is compliant with the utility frequency band and enables products to communicate using the same wiring that provides power, creating an instant network at a low system and deployment cost. The kit provides communication over power lines using a Binary Phase Shift Keying modulation scheme, with the onboard modem using the CELENEC A utility frequency baseband of 72 kHz, for communication at a rate of 6 kilobits per second (kbps). Additionally, the modem hardware is universal power-line compatible, and can operate on 110 V or 220 V electrical systems. The soft modem is based upon the scalable dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controller (DSC) architecture and interfaces with Microchip’s Explorer 16 Development Board. It is supported with royalty-free schematics, demo code and software in source-code format.

The utility-band PLM PICtail Plus Daughter Board Development Kit comes with two nodes, providing point-to-point communication out of the box, meaning customers can have the daughter board running a selection of demos in a matter of minutes. The BPSK scheme provides a robust modulation method that performs well in noisy environments, and the data rate can be selected in software. Additionally, having a large portfolio of dsPIC33F DSCs to choose from allows the customer to select a device that matches the requirements of their application, and that optimizes performance and cost.

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