LVDTsUS-based sensor manufacturer Macro Sensors ( is now an approved LVDT supplier for General Electric (GE) gas turbines. The LVDTs are implemented for position measurement on governor valves, throttle valves, reheat/stop valves, interceptor valves, and many other control valves.

While Macro Sensors has been certified for use on GE steam turbines for years, the company expanded its sensor certifications to include ATEX and CSA approval to be included on GE gas turbines.

LVDTs are available in a variety of configurations and outputs to fit different applications. All popular units are available from stock, with attractive pricing for electric power utilities and turbine control systems integrators. For information regarding exact G.E. and OEM replacement LVDTs that work with existing OEM control systems and updated retrofitted controls, consult the Macro Sensors factory at  

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