RC Series Illuminated Rocker SwitchThe CIT Relay & Switch RC Series DPST rocker switch offers standard eight different actuator markings with housing color choices of black, white, red and grey. Teamed with eight different actuator colors, including four transparent colors for illumination options, this highly versatile switch can be customized to fit nearly any application. Illumination options include three tungsten lamps and two neon bulb choices. This UL/CUL recognized switch offers quick connect, solder lug, PC pin, right angle PC pin and left angle PC pin termination options.

Specifications: The electrical life of the RC series is 10,000 cycles typically. Electrical rating is 10A @ 125VAC/250VAC. Contact resistance is less than 50mW maximum initially. Dielectric strength is 1000Vrms minimum. Insulation resistance is less than 100M? initially. Actuator and housing are 6/6 Nylon with silver contacts and tin plated brass terminals. Operating and storage temperature is -40°C to 85°C.

The RC Series illuminated rocker switches are ideal for telecommunications, instrumentation, automotive, HVAC, security and networking applications. Pricing is dependent upon options and volume. CIT Relay & Switch lead-time is four to six weeks.

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