Structured Processor Enhanced ArchitectureSTMicroelectronics announced the availability of the Mentor® Embedded Inflexion™ User Interface (UI) software product on the SPEAr (Structured Processor Enhanced Architecture) family of processors, which are based on ARM® core technology. The integration of the Mentor Graphics® Inflexion UI product on SPEAr processors will enable rapid implementation of rich and dynamic 2D and 3D UIs for product differentiation in target embedded control applications across market segments, from computer peripherals and communication, to industrial automation.

“The availability of Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI on ST’s family of SPEAr embedded microprocessors will allow users to quickly create dynamic product UIs on SPEAr processors,” stated Loris Valenti, Group VP and General Manager, Computer Systems Division STMicroelectronics. “The Inflexion UI can be used on our SPEAr 320 processors, which run on ARM A926EJ-S, and will also be available shortly on the newest SPEAr1300 ARM-CortexA9 family with its powerful Open GL/ES graphics acceleration.”

The Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI has been used by hundreds of embedded system developers across the world and dramatically reduces development effort, allowing developers to rapidly develop stunning UIs without compromises. From rich, dynamic, 3D consumer UIs to specialized 2D UIs in industrial and medical products, the Inflexion UI software allows developers to quickly implement their UI using a drag-and-drop approach via the Inflexion UI Express PC tool, and then run this UI on an efficient and powerful engine. The popular Inflexion product is available on Android, Linux and Nucleus.”

“The availability of Inflexion on the SPEAr embedded microprocessors will greatly accelerate UI development by pairing our excellent tools with a well-designed processor,” stated Glenn Perry, General Manager of Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division “The SPEAr processor family targets a broad range of applications, from wireless access devices, printers, security systems to medical and diagnostic equipment, so having customized UIs for human to machine interface is critical.”

SPEAr microprocessors enable equipment manufacturers to develop complex, yet flexible digital engines at a fraction of the time and cost of competing solutions. Manufactured in state-of-the-art low-power 90nm, 65nm and 55nm HCMOS (high-speed CMOS) process technologies, ST’s SPEAr embedded microprocessors provide high levels of computing power and connectivity. The devices combine one or two advanced ARM926 processor cores and Dual Cortex A9 cores with memory interfaces, and a large set of IP blocks delivering connectivity, communication, and audio/video functions for a broad range of applications. 

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