engineered conductive materialsEngineered Conductive Materials, LLC, a leading global supplier of conductive interconnect materials for photovoltaic applications, introduced the DB-1541-S3 Conductive Stringer Attach Adhesive for use in thin-film, organic and thinned silicon solar modules. This material formulation has been optimized for desirable conductivity and stability on molybdenum substrates while reducing the silver content to reduce cost. The DB-1541-S3 has more than 12 percent lower silver loading than the standard DB-1541-S series of conductive stringer attach adhesives, resulting in a price reduction while maintaining optimized rheology for dispensing and excellent damp heat resistance and conductivity stability on tin, tin-silver and silver-plated ribbons. Even with the lower silver content, this material has a lower volume resistivity than DB-1541-S. The DB-1541-S3 features a rubber-like flexibility that is appropriate for flexible photovoltaic applications with high peel strength to withstand the stresses induced in reel-to-reel manufacturing processes.

DB-1541-S3 is the latest addition to Engineered Conductive Materials’ full line of conductive stringer attach adhesives, conductive adhesives for back contact crystalline silicon, thin-film and via fill applications, as well as conductive grid inks for photovoltaic applications.

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