MINI SMD QUARTZ CRYSTALSPETERMANN-TECHNIK of Kaufering in Germany, offers MINI SMD QUARTZ CRYSTALS for use in high-volume wireless applications at very competitive prices. The SMD03025/4CC series mini SMD quartz crystals (with a basic sound of 12 ~ 40 MHz) have a ceramic body and cover and can be mounted on boards with a max. installation height of 0.9 mm. Due to their extremely low cost, they are ideal for use in wireless applications such as ISM (transmitters, receivers, transceivers up to 868 MHz), Bluetooth, NFC, etc. PETERMANN-TECHNIK also markets its M3215 (32.768 kHz) series mini SMD clock crystal in a 3.2 x 2.5 mm housing to clock microprocessors used in such applications. The M3215 is available in various load capacities with frequency tolerances of ±10 ppm and above at a temperature of 25°C. The mini SMD quartz crystals are manufactured on TS16949-certified production lines and meet the highest possible quality requirements. The mini SMD quartz crystals can also be supplied in the extended temperature range of -40/+85°C. And, as always, PETERMANN-TECHNIK’s specialists are on hand to provide customers with any design-in support they may need.

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