IAR Systems announced an upgrade to IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX with advanced software performance analysis functionality. The new features can measure a number of execution aspects to help users understand how well an application performs on the microcontroller, and identify opportunities for tuning and optimizing software performance.

The performance analyzer can be enabled by IAR J-Link debug probe or Renesas E1/E20 emulators and works in real-time on hardware. It can measure number of executed instructions, execution time and cycles, and number of accepted interrupts and exceptions and cycles spent in them. Because it uses the debugger’s performance measurement circuit to measure execution time, it is non-intrusive and does not slow down the execution of an application.

IAR Systems provides the world’s broadest software development tools support for Renesas microcontrollers. More than 2800 devices across 11 architectures are supported in a single development environment, making IAR Embedded Workbench the standard tool chain for software development on Renesas Electronics’ microcontrollers.

More details are available at www.iar.com/ewrx.