coin cell battery holders with snap on piecMPD has invented a category of coin cell battery holders called Snap Dragons, which are asserted to drastically increase the reliability of open top coin cell holders through the use of a snap-on cover piece. They offer an easy and intuitive battery installation and replacement process, and the design is expected to soon be the newest addition to MPD’s patent portfolio of battery holder technologies. The Snap Dragon will support CR2032 batteries, with both through hole and SMT versions available. Snap Dragons are made to be reliable, with contacts made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze and covered with a gold flash overall for corrosion resistance and increased solderability. The dual pressure contacts are further designed to have a low electrical resistance and extra tight connection with the CR2032. The lightweight LCP base piece of the holder is capable of withstanding up to 280°C for reflow solder process compatibility. The CR2032 is installed into the clear plastic cover piece, and then snapped onto to the base piece to create an extremely secure CR2032 holder.

Snap Dragons are particularly suitable for automotive products, handheld electronics, key fobs, and industrial equipment. Any applications which demand the highest reliability will find Snap Dragons to be more than up to the task, as we have tested them for 2 meter falls onto concrete with no battery ejection, as well as for a high resistance to shocks and vibrations. Snap Dragons can do all of this while also being one of the shortest CR2032 holders available on the market, with a height above the PCB of just 4.83 mm including the cover piece, while the typical open top CR2032 holder stands at least 5.2 mm over the PCB.

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