wireless power generator with infinergyNextreme Thermal Solutions introduced the Thermobility Wireless Power Generator WPG-1S evaluation kit with on-board energy storage using the INFINERGY D-MPM101 micro power module from Infinite Power Solutions. The device uses solid-state thin-film thermoelectric technology to convert heat into electricity for a variety of self-powered wireless applications. Thermobility uses differences in temperature to enable power anywhere there is an adequate heat source and eliminates the need to use traditional wired power sources or replaceable batteries. When paired with wireless transmitters, this solution can provide electric power for years of maintenance-free operation for new wireless sensor and security applications in industrial control, transportation, automotive and building management. Thermobility is the ideal power source for wireless transmission applications. As the second in a series of wireless power generators from Nextreme, the Thermobility WPG-1S uses the INFINERGY D-MPM101, a development micro power module from Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) that provides efficient battery management, near loss-less energy storage, and output regulation. It integrates IPS' ultra-thin and rechargeable THINERGY® solid-state micro-energy cells (MECs) to supply up to 2.0 mAh of stored energy for use by an application during periods when the heat source is not available or is intermittent. Reliable power output of up to 200 mW at 25°C is possible at a regulated 3.3V.

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