sensor cloudMicroStrain released SensorCloud, a sensor data storage, visualization and remote management platform that leverages cloud computing technologies to provide desirable data scalability, rapid visualization, and user programmable analysis. Originally designed to support long-term deployments of MicroStrain wireless sensors, SensorCloud now supports any web-connected third party device, sensor, or sensor network through a simple OpenData API. Features include include virtually unlimited data storage with triple-redundant reliability, appropriate for collecting and preserving long-term sensor data streams; a time series visualization and graphing tool with exceptionally fast response allows viewers to navigate through massive amounts of data, and quickly zero in on points of interest; MathEngine which allows users to quickly develop and deploy data processing and analysis apps that live alongside their data in the cloud; and flexible SMS and email alert scripting to help users create meaningful and actionable alerts . SensorCloud is useful for a variety of applications where data from large sensor networks needs to be collected, viewed, and monitored remotely.