mid-to-large TFT LCD modulesNEC LCD Technologies (NLT) and Renesas Electronics Americas introduced two transflective color TFT LCD modules for industrial applications and applications requiring indoor and outdoor viewability. The display modules, 6.5-inch SVGA (800x600, P/N NL8060BC16-01) and 10.4-inch XGA (1024x768, P/N NL10276BC20-10) incorporate NLT’s proprietary super-reflective natural light TFT (SR-NLT) technology resulting in displays operable in both transmissive mode (using a backlight) and reflective mode (using available ambient light). The displays are targeted for use in portable medical systems used in the field and in a hospital or clinic setting, in industrial equipment and in other indoor/outdoor display applications. According to the company, the displays incorporate an eco-friendly LED backlight system that results in lower power consumption. Ssince images on the display are readable when the backlight is turned off, power consumption can be further reduced.

NEC LCD Technologies (NLT) and Renesas Electronics Americas
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