LED40W-PAR46Larson Electronics’ Magnalight has introduced a powerful LED alternative for upgrading or replacing standard incandescent bulbs in applications requiring Par46 lamps. The LED40W-PAR46 provides as much or more light as most standard 100 watt Par46 lamps yet consumes only a fraction as much power. A 50,000 hour service life and rugged construction ensures lifetime performance far beyond that of normal incandescent lamps while standard Par46 design provides inter-compatibility with existing fixtures. Available in several colors as well as infrared, this LED lamp provides added versatility with both AC and DC current operation capability depending upon the chosen configuration.

Designed to be compatible with standard Par46 light fixtures like those used in spotlights and vehicles, the Magnalight LED40W-PAR46 bulb allows users to upgrade existing Par46 fixtures to powerful and long lived LEDs simply by changing lamps. Producing 3,600 lumens of light while drawing only 40 watts at less than 4 amps, this LED lamp produces more light than comparable 100 watt incandescent bulbs while using less than half as many amps. Available in red, green, blue, white and amber colors as well as 850Nm and 940Nm infrared, this LED lamp can be configured to operate with either 9-50VDC or 110-220VAC electrical power. This wide ranging choice of power options gives this LED lamp a versatility that incandescent lamps simply cannot match without additional hardware and expense. Mil-Spec 461 certified for EMI, this lamp also carries Army part # #12543890, signifying compatibility with military spec Par46 equipment. Contained within the aluminum body of this unit are four, 10 watt LEDs producing 900 lumens each for a total of 3,600 lumens of light power at 90 lumens per watt. For comparison, the typical high end incandescent halogen can only muster at best around 25-30 lumens per watt. The LEDs are protected by a polycarbonate lens that resists damage from impacts and vibrations, helping to give this lamp excellent durability and ruggedness characteristics. The 6 inch diameter of this LED lamp and its Par46 design allows it to easily replace the incandescent lamps used in spotlights, military vehicles, boats and other applications where Par46 design standards are utilized. Available in several colors including 850Nm and 940Nm infrared, this LED lamp in infrared configuration is also an ideal choice for upgrading night vision support equipment used in military and law enforcement operations.

“Our new PAR46 LED sealed beam bulb is ideally suited as a modern replacement for PAR46 sealed beam bulbs popular in post mount spotlights, vehicle headlights, aircraft landing lights and a variety of other 12 and 24 volt applications,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com. “Most of the PAR46 lamps have fairly short life hours, even with the HIR envelope. I think the GE H7635 offers 300 life hours and that is as good as it gets. With our LED40W-PAR46, we offer 50,000 plus life hours with a better flood and spotlight output than conventional sealed beam lamps. Moreover, we offer color LED and infrared options for covert military use. For years, we have been making infrared band pass lens covers for HID and halogen lighting. Now we can generate the specific infrared bandwidth from the LED package, instead of blocking out a lot of the light energy from visible light sources.”

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