LED driver familyERG Lighting’s e100W24V-D eDriver is presented as the slimmest 100-W LED driver on the market, powering cove lighting for outdoor illumination accents. The unit features up to 100 W of constant voltage output power, universal input, slim design (<1.30”/33 mm), onboard dimming down to 10 percent, and high reliability, with a five-year warranty. The driver is appropriate for linear lighting applications where driving multiple strings of LEDs from a single output is required. It can be customized to suit many different applications including cove and refrigeration lighting, under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, indoor and outdoor accent lighting, and outdoor pathway handrail illumination. The new e75W350-DL eDriver provides up to 75 W of constant current output power and is designed for internal integration into luminaires. It is dimmed by a 0-V to 10 V analog signal, providing exceptionally good dimming down to 10 percent. It is desirable for luminaires used in low-bay lighting (parking garages, warehouses, etc.), outdoor wall lighting, street lighting, and numerous other applications. All eDrivers offer high efficiency, low ripple, exceptional power factor (minimum 0.90) and total harmonic distortion of less than 20 percent.

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