SFX TAP16-GGOEPEL electronic introduces SFX-TAP16/G, the worldwide first completely modular Gang test system with integrated UUT power supply. Without any additional hardware, users are now able to test or program up to 16 boards in parallel, applying only one central SCANFLEX controller. Based on this innovative architecture, highly compact and cost-efficient Gang test applications can be implemented. The system utilisation also increases efficiency in the production at significantly reduced manufacturing costs.

SFX-TAP16/G can be open configured, supporting numerous modern test and program strategies such as Processor Emulation Test (PET), core assisted Flash programming, chip embedded instrumentation and protocol driven interface tests as well as Boundary Scan.

“We wanted to meet the increasing demand of mass markets such as Automotive or Consumer for even more compact and open scalable Boundary Scan Gang testers by a completely new hardware architecture. And we’ve been successful”, says Thomas Wenzel, Managing Director of GOEPEL electronics’ Boundary Scan Division. “Simultaneously, we elevated our SCANFLEX hardware platform to the top in its field for Gang test and programming.”

The new TAP transceiver’s concept is based on modularly configurable TAP Slot Cards (TSC) and Power Slot Cards (PSC). By this, the system can be freely adapted to nearly each kind of UUT interface and Gang numbers. Investments are protected by the hardware’s exchangeability and upgradeability.

The number of TAPs on the UUT may vary between eight (2 UUT) and one (16 UUT). The Power Slot Cards enable the individual power supply per UUT, monitoring the power consumption and feature isolating relays. In addition to solutions for TSC and PSC, GOEPEL electronic provides engineering services to develop project specific modules and turnkey Gang testers. SFX-TAP16/G is also available as a pure kit without housing for integrations on customers’ sites.

SFX-TAP16/G can be freely combined with all SCANFLEX® controllers supporting PCI, PCI Express, PXI, PXI Express USB, GBit LAN, FireWire or LXI, whereby the distance can be up to five meters. The new Gang testers are fully supported in the industrially leading JTAG/Boundary Scan platform SYSTEM CASCON from version 4.5.4 on.