FujipolyA growing number of today’s advanced portable electronic devices require specialized connectors to make electrical contact between the printed circuit board and intricate user interfaces such as LCD and touch screen displays. These high-performance connectors are commonly tasked with carrying both power and critical data signals between components that have close pad spacing and board separation tolerances.  

One such connector is Fujipoly’s Zebra Gold 8000C Series product. This interconnect device is constructed from a low durometer silicone core that is covered with 166 parallel rows of flat, gold-plated wires per inch. This unique construction allows the connector to accommodate PCBs with pad center spacing down to .020”. In addition, each .001” x .003” gold-plated copper element delivers a current carrying capacity of 250mA while exhibiting a typical electrical resistance of only 25 milliohms per .025” contact pad.

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