Holt Integrated Circuits today announced compliance of its 5V ARINC 429 line driver, HI-8592, with the EMI/EMC requirements of RTCA/DO-160G, Section 21, Category P. This specification provides a standardized test methodology which is accepted in the avionics industry as the gold standard for environmental testing of airborne equipment. Compliance ensures HI-8592 can operate successfully in applications mandating strict EMI/EMC requirements, such as cockpit instruments and flight controls. All testing was performed by an accredited external lab and a copy of the final test report is available in Application Note AN-136.

Holt also demonstrated the part’s robustness to transients and lightning strikes by meeting the requirements of DO-160G, Level 3, waveforms 3, 4, 5A and 5B.

The HI-8592 operates from a single +5V supply using only two external capacitors. An on-chip negative voltage converter supplies the -5V levels necessary for ARINC 429 differential signals, resulting in a much more compact solution than legacy designs.

“This independent testing has demonstrated the capability of HI-8592 to meet the most stringent EMI/EMC requirements,” said Anthony Murray, Director of Business Development at Holt. “It gives the designer confidence that the device will not contribute adverse noise to applications which are highly sensitive to EMI/EMC”.

The HI-8592 is available in a 14-pin SOIC package or a more compact 24-pin QFN. Samples and a demonstration kit are available upon request.

To request information on Holt’s ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553 and other aerospace products, readers should contact Holt at (949) 859-8800, by e-mail at info@holtic.com, or visit the Holt Web site at www.holtic.com.