6Gb-s SAS cablesTyco Electronics’ Mini-Serial Attached SCSI (Mini-SAS) cable assemblies are intended for high-speed serial buses supporting 4X SAS architectures. The copper cables are designed to be fully compliant with 3Gb/s SAS and 6Gb/s SAS protocols. Target product applications include mass storage systems, storage area networks and switches, servers and routers. The company tested its Mini-SAS external cables within the large system build included at Plugfest. TE tested its standard 24 AWG, 10-m cable and also longer length cables (30 AWG at 5.5m, 28 AWG at 7m and 26 AWG at 8.5m) with 6Gb/s SAS signaling speeds. Final test results concluded that no bit errors were detected, which indicate that TE Mini-SAS cables perform without dropped data for system builders using the 6Gb/s SAS technology. Prior to the event, internal S-parameter and near-end-crosstalk tests were conducted on the cable assemblies to meet the requirements for 6 Gb/s SAS specifications.

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