infrared detectorsCal Sensors launched families of lead salt infrared detectors as well as a new digital drive board. The new single channel detector (SCD) and multichannel detector (MCD) families tout sensitivity and quality for a variety of infrared sensing applications. The new digital drive board optimizes detector performance and speeds product development processes. Key applications include fire safety and flame detection, as well as process and quality control applications. SCD detectors provide typical D* from 9 x 1010 to 1.75 x 1011 Jones across the one to three micron wavelength range and high volume pricing of less than $25. The new PbS and PbSe multi-channel detectors (MCD) provide a sensitivity of 1.5 x 1010 Jones for detection of up to four distinct materials/gases. Covering one to five microns, the MCD product family provide exceptional channel isolation (>99.5 percent) and a compact TO-5 footprint with desirable quality and reliability. An optional integrated thermistor within the MCD package optimizes temperature compensation, maximizing measurement precision. Cal Sensors has also launched a new Digital Drive Board that optimizes signal levels for the company´s one to four channel detectors. Designed with a socket that accepts Cal Sensor’s standard one to four-channel detectors, the digital board provides all the electronics necessary to drive the sensor, digitize the output and connect via USB to a computer or microprocessor.

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