256x64 OLED DisplaysOSD Displays offers its 256 x 64 models with 16-level grayscale capability. The products offering this technology are the OSD25664P0908-10 (blue), and OSD25664P0913-10 (yellow). These models have a 256 x 64 resolution and are appropriate for 1 RU rack mount designs, automotive, avionics, and a full range of other applications. The display can support 7-bits per pixel PWM for “grayscale” image depth. The display offers compatibility with parallel, I2C, and SPI interfaces via a standard ZIF-style 0.5 mm pitch flex interface. The display is a relatively large OLED display offered at 2.8” at 84.0 x 25.8 x 2.0 mm outline dimensions. Pricing for the OSD25664P0908-10 and OSD25664P0913-10 will start at approximately $18.00 at 1k orders.

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