KEMET Corporation announced the expansion of its Polymer Tantalum portfolio. The T528 Low ESR/ESL Polymer Tantalum Series introduced a newly constructed 5 mOhm Z case (EIA Case Code 7343-17) design, reducing overall impedance for high switch frequency decoupling applications such as microprocessor decoupling. Enhancements to the recently released T521 High Voltage Polymer Tantalum Series include 16-V and 35-V offerings in a number of capacitance values. The T521 Series is appropriate for circuits that require higher voltages than are typically available in standard polymer tantalum devices and higher performance over traditional tantalum capacitors. With its enhanced voltage derating and low ESR values, the T521 Series is asserted to deliver increased performance and reliability within a smaller package size compared to currently available capacitor options. KEMET also introduced six new small case size parts in its standard high-demand T520 Polymer Tantalum Series. Ideally suited for smart phones, notebook computers and other portable electronics applications, the T520 Series has now expanded its offerings in the small A case sizes (EIA Case Code 3216-18) with voltage ratings of 4 V and 6.3 V and capacitance ranges from 4 7?F to 100 ?F.

KEMET Corporation