Traxon Technologies introduces its Cove Light AC. Powered directly with line voltage, Cove Light AC is suitable for a wide range of applications in architectural, hospitality, and residential environments for general lighting, wall washing, and alcove illumination.

Cove Light AC is a cost efficient, energy smart solution, with a high output of 300 – 400 lumens per foot for warm white and cold white applications, making it a versatile tool for ambient lighting scenarios. Featuring a Plug‘n’Play system and powered directly with line voltage, Cove Light AC eliminates the need for external power supplies or complex wiring, enabling extended run lengths and easy installation.

Cove Light AC is equipped with a 180° rotation axis and for flexible aiming, and is available with a 150° x 150° beam angle, or an integrated reflector, which allows 120 x 40° optics. Cove Light AC is available in five dedicated color temperatures, ranging from a warm 2700K, to a cool 6500K.

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