3U single board computersExtreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) introduced the XPedite7470, a conduction- or air-cooled 3U VPX Single Board Computer (SBC). Based on the 2nd generation Intel Core i7, the SBC uses the processor's quad-core technology operating at 2.1 GHz to deliver desirable performance and efficiency for deployed military applications. For floating-point intensive applications such as radar, image processing, and signals intelligence, Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX) have been incorporated into the 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor. X-ES has teamed with RunTime Computing Solutions to support applications that can utilize the SIMD architecture of Intel AVX. VSI/Pro math and signal processing library will be supported on the XPedite7470. The XPedite7470 initially will be based on the Intel Core i7-2715QE processor and Intel® QM67 Express chipset.

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