Summit Semiconductor today announced that it will demonstrate its Summit Connect USB technology at CES 2011. Summit Connect enables TV manufacturers to deliver wireless multichannel high definition (HD) audio with a USB Linux driver update. This will allow consumer TV brands to sell flat panel TVs that are wireless, multichannel-ready, without increasing their bill of material costs. This is the next milestone in the company's strategy to extend its patent pending Summit Wireless technology. It is the only solution that is scalable from 1.0 to 7.1 on power up and automatically sets up one's home theater network using Speakerfinder and MyZone technologies. While Summit Semiconductor's Speakerfinder technology identifies the location and number of speakers and selects the correct audio channel, the MyZone technology time aligns the audio transmission to the exact listening position, thus significantly reducing the installation complexity while at the same time delivering audiophile quality sound. Demonstrations of both Summit Connect and Summit Wireless will take place January 5th to 10th at CES 2011, in the Venetian Hotel, suite 30- 217, Las Vegas, NV.

TV manufacturers have successfully delivered HD quality video in the flat panel form factor. Unfortunately, audio quality suffers because the new thin form factors dramatically reduce the dynamic range and sound pressure level required to enjoy the latest block buster movie without a separate multichannel surround sound system. This same situation exists for 3D viewing and gaming. Summit Wireless is uniquely positioned to support digital TVs, set top boxes, Blu-ray players and game machine applications with Linux operating systems and an embedded USB 2.0 port. Summit Wireless chip technology includes USB 2.0 connectivity and firmware needed to control a Summit enabled wireless home theater network over USB with seven simple commands such as on/off, and volume up/down making it ideal for embedded applications.

The Summit solution can also provide the exact speaker position and sweet spot location data back to the TV for display, giving the consumer instant setup feedback. The Summit Connect USB development environment includes support for Linux 2.6.35 kernel or later, a dongle test platform for digital TV and system on a chip (SOC) hardware and technical support.

"The TV is rapidly becoming the media center largely driven by the significant increase of multichannel content available for both movies and games, including over the air broadcasts and online sources," said Tony Parker vice president of marketing, Summit Semiconductor. "In response to consumer demands, flat panel TV brands want to offer A/V receiver connectivity and switching, but they don't want to add the amplification and power needed to drive multichannel speakers, due to size and cost considerations. With Summit Wireless the cost of the power supply and amplification are ideally redistributed to the speakers allowing the consumer to use the TV as a single source switch with one remote. Summit Connect USB preserves the consumer's decision to purchase multichannel wireless audio without requiring them to purchase additional equipment adding unwanted clutter and remote controls."