LED spectrometersLabsphere has introduced the CDS-5400 and CDS-9800 High Speed LED Spectrometers. Both models are presented as offering reliability, speed and accuracy with a choice of spectral range to suit specification application needs. The CDS spectrometers, when integrated into Labsphere’s systems, measure critical spectral characteristics of LEDs including flux; intensity; chromaticity coordinates; dominant, peak, and centroid wavelengths; color temperature and rendering properties; and purity. To capture and organize data, DLL drivers are available to connect the spectrometers to proprietary QA, calibration and production software. With a spectral range of 305 nm to 930 nm, the CDS-5400 is suited for production line testing of high brightness LEDs. With a 2 ms integration time, the CDS-5400 delivers the high speed required by these environments. For more high precision applications including fixed quantity UV and quantum efficiency measurement, the CDS-9800 has a wide dynamic range and four models covering the spectral range of 240 nm to 1100 nm. With low stray light, the highly accurate CDS-9800 is intended for demanding R&D environments.

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