Schottky diodesSemiSouth Laboratories, Inc., announced a range of SiC power Schottky diodes including the 30-A rated SDP30S120 – said to be the industry’s highest current 1200-V part to be commercially available in a TO-247 package. The full 1200-V, RoHS-compliant product range spans 5 A to 30 A with lower current (5 and 10 A) diodes packaged as T0-220 parts while 10-A, 20-A and the 30-A devices are offered in the TO-247 package. All diodes in the family are designed with an advanced integrated junction barrier technology to simultaneously enable low forward voltage with low leakage currents and high power density for compact power designs. Other features include negligible reverse recovery and high reliability.

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.