pico ammeterBased on technology by Ix Innovations, the PocketPico picoammeter streamlines the measurement of very-low electrical current in electronics and materials. The device employs SafeRanging, a continuous ranging feature that is asserted to enable accurate, real-time current measurement over several orders of magnitude, while eliminating induced noise and transient voltages. The picoammeter is Small in size (2.7 in × 1.4 in × 3.7 in, and only 8 oz) for use in and out of the lab. Features include single measurement range of 20 pA to 2 mA at 15k samples/second, a USB 2.0 interface for ubiquitous connectivity, and an included software interface that can save users thousands of dollars on software licenses according to the company. The PocketPico picoammeter is suitable for applications such as component, sensor, device I-V and material characterization, leakage current testing, photodiode current and dark current measurement, spectrometer and flurometer measurement, insulation resistance measurement, analog circuit testing and analysis, nanomaterial testing and neurotransmitter sensing.

Ix Innovations
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