LED lighting power suppliesEmerson Network Power announced a family of standard power supplies for LED lighting, the LDS70 series. The new 70-Watt family of off-the-shelf, low-profile solutions is designed to support system life requirements greater than 70,000 hours in the rapidly growing LED lighting market. They provide both constant-current and constant-voltage modes, enabling customers to simplify inventory management. Constant-current mode features programmable current levels; constant-voltage mode has no-load to full-load operation. Current levels can be preset by the system designer or adjusted in application to perform dimming functions. The narrow, low-profile form factor of the LDS70 series allows customers to reduce light fixture size or locate them in small areas of their system. Both 12 V and 58 V models have no minimum load requirement and are comprehensively protected against short-circuit, overvoltage and overtemperature situations. The Emerson Network Power LDS70 series accepts a wide input voltage range of 100 V to 240 VAC (U models) or 120 V to 277 VAC (H models) and is equipped with active power factor correction rated at 0.9 typical to minimize input harmonic current distortion.

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