CMRD6263DOCentral Semiconductor Corp. announces the introduction of the CMRD6263DO dual isolated 70V, 15mA Schottky diodes packaged in the ultra miniature SOT-963 surface mount case. This device has an outstanding low VF of 395mV and a fast switching speed of less than 5.0ns making it ideal for the latest electronic products requiring space saving energy efficient diodes. The CMRD6263DO can be arranged in a variety of configurations including common anode, common cathode or in series by using the suggested alternative mounting pad geometries. Two CMRD6263DO devices can also be configured for full wave bridge rectification.

The SOT-963 package uses a board space area of 1.1 sq mm. This is 61% less than the space required for the SOT-563 package. In addition, with a maximum profile of 0.5mm, the SOT-963 has a 16% lower profile than the SOT-563. The small size, low profile, and low VF make the CMRD6263DO the ideal choice for a wide variety of battery powered portable devices such as cellular phones, MP3 players, glucose blood analyzers, and hearing aids. The CMRD6263DO is suitable for applications such as DC to DC conversion, reverse polarity protection, battery charging, and voltage clamping.

Pricing for the CMRD6263DO starts at US$0.14 each for 8,000 pieces on tape and reel. Sample devices are available upon request. Central Semiconductor manufactures innovative discrete semiconductors to meet design engineers' ever changing challenges. Specifications for this device can be found in the New Products / Latest Updates section of Central’s website at: